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The Last Ride - Eva Hudson

The Last Ride - Eva Hudson

Published 15 October 2011 by Two Pies Press

Number of pages: 14

My rating: ★ ★ ★  It liked it


"Dave Morrison has been driving round London all day, picking up passengers in his black cab, praying they can distract him from the terrible thing he has to confront tomorrow morning.

When he finally parks up for the night and is approached by two men in a dark backstreet, his prayers are answered. Unfortunately for Dave, their brand of distraction could prove fatal."


True to its title, "The Last Ride" is a gritty short story, with good pace and suspense.


The story itself is only 14 pages long, the remainder of the book contains am excerpt of "The Deadly Silence (formerly The Third Estate): A Dark London Crime Thriller (Angela Tate Investigations Book 2)"



This short story is part of The Taxi Driver: Three short crime fiction stories.


I look forward to reading more from this author as I enjoyed her writing style.

Source: http://bookschatter.blogspot.com/2014/12/the-last-ride.html