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Please help pay for LouLou's spinal surgery

This is an off-topic post for a very serious cause... any help would be very gratefully appreciated. Beneficiary: LouLou's spinal surgery
Organizer: Flora Bellini & Ben Crowe

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LouLou is a very friendly, extremely chatty and sociable nine year old female tabby. LouLou, her brother Lucky and their friend Suze, who is 4 yrs old, where first fostered by us from 15 March 2014, when their home underwent major accessibility works. Unfortunately their human fell ill and passed away on 8 August 2014, and we promised her we would take care of her fur-babies.


In January 2015, LouLou was diagnosed with a tumor which affects her spinal cord, and which is progressively paralysing her hind legs, as well as making her more and more incontinent.


LouLou was visited by a specialist on Wed 18 March 2015 and underwent a series of examinations, including an MRI, blood works and an X-ray to her chest, which cost £2037 in total.


LouLou was found to be very healthy, and on Tue 24th March 2015 she will undergo spinal surgery to remove a growth (a possible meningioma) from her lumbar region, which, if all goes well, will allow her to regain mobility and live her life to the full.


This surgery and subsequent physiotherapy will cost a minimum of £5000 (£4500 for the surgery and around £120 per day hospitalisation costs).


This means that the total bill will be a minimum of £7000.


We could not deny LouLou this chance.
She is simply too full of life and determination for us not to support her.


Flora has rescued and looked after cats since she was a child, and spent most of her adult life sharing her house with 13 fur-babies; this is the very first time that veterinary care has been so elevated as having to ask for a helping hand.
Any help would be gratefully appreciated and will fully go towards the care of rescue animals, in this case LouLou, and will enable us to continue rescuing and fostering cats in need, such as LouLou - for example, since October 2013, as well as adopting LouLou, Lucky and Suze when their owner passed away, we have also rescued Fixy from Greece and Java and her soon to be born kittens from a life on the streets.


You can find out more information and full evidence of specialist visits and costs on LouLou's Facebook Page in the "Medical Bills & History" photo album.


Please remember that everything counts, and if you are unable to contribute financially, we would be very grateful if you could please spread the word to help us.


Thank you,


Flora & Ben

Source: http://www.youcaring.com/LouLouTheGoblinCat