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Since I last checked 24 hours ago...

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UPDATED: That AiramAuthor who sounded suss? She's on Goodreads, but not on Amazon (far as I know). Don't know if you can call yourself an "author" (if she called herself simply a "writer", I'd have no qualms) when you're only published on Wattpad... https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6567728.Airam

https://www.facebook.com/annericefanpage/posts/10152439887325452?reply_comment_id=10152446865725452 Anne Rice: Why would I ban you for expressing an honest opinion?

Because you banned others for expressing their honest opinions.


https://www.facebook.com/annericefanpage/posts/10152439887325452?reply_comment_id=10152448027110452 Ben Crowe: As a point of interest what were your responses that were removed as this was an interesting thread. I read the posts by Flora (good investigation), the responses to reviews by the author are not simple rebuts but lashing out at the reviewers on their blog instead of a rebuttal on Amazon to the review itself. Reviewers should not be blogged about in such manner. I truly believe that responses from authors on Amazon to the reviews will help highlight these issues. It looked like genuine questions raised were ignored and not answered at all. Flora was against reviews that were simply personal attacks on authors, she raised a valid point of how rebuttals were written in response to reviews. No one should be targeted in such ways, authors or reviewers, ultimately are we not all wanting to enjoy books, and evolve by working together to create the best reads?

Ben Crowe makes some excellent points, which means his comment will likely be deleted soon...

Again, it's been 24 hours since I last checked, so there may have been other intelligent comments that were posted and deleted.