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If last sentence is true, I sincerely hope law enforcement was called in...

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(not the entire post; and, there were no links or screenshots of the abuses described.)

She posts again:



Oh, how thankful are we that authors did not boycott goodreads?  Can you imagine the impact on the book pages if instead of a goodreads author it was an unclaimed author profile?  Imagine how the group discussions and review comments would be affected.  And all those publishers of SPA books leaving goodreads ... Uhmmm...okay, that's not sure where to go with that one.  Agents, maybe agents profiles on goodreads ... nope ... not sure what that meant.  I know they didn't mean advertisers because those just care about traffic and exposure.


Edited after posting:  Oops!  In a later post in same thread she does post "proof" linking to some indie author blog that unbelievably says something along the lines of reviewers preying in authors with all the self-righteousness of the Taliban attacking a school girl—somehow that is proof positive (I'll save you and not increase their traffic by not sharing the link).

Source: http://www.thepassivevoice.com/03/2014/anne-rice-signs-petition-to-protest-bullying-of-authors-on-amazon/#comment-179549